Hanzo is a range of Industrial Aerosols
We have been in the line of powder coating, powder coating equipment and ED coating for the last
30 years, and these aerosol products are a related Business diversification.
High Performance Spray Paints
High Performance Spray Paints

Hanzo Spray Paint, a product of our MRO range of products, is a high performance, quick drying paint with superior wetting and dispersion attributes. It provides protective coating, prevents rust formation and has desirable surface aesthetics.

USAGE: Metal, Wood, certain Plastics, Ceramics, Glass surface etc.


Weight Per Can 300 gms / 440 ml
Adhesion 100% after 72 hours on most surfaces
Volume Solids 25% to 35%
Storage Temperature 4 to 39 Degrees Celsius
Shelf Life 12 Months at Recommended storage temp
Application Temperature 15 to 35 Degrees Celsius


Dry to Touch 2 to 5 Mins | Dry to Handle 30 to 45 Mins | Thorough Dry 60 to 72 Hourss

Hanzo Spray Paints are available in three variables:

A. HANZO A42 range of products
B. HANZO M5 range of Metallic finishes
C. HANZO C88 range of products

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